Keep your employees safe! Plexiglass sneeze guards and warning stickers for stores are best way to minimize exposure and remind your customers importance of social distancing.


Disinfection application and cleaning services for the high-frequency touch areas such as light switches, elevator buttons, handrails, door handles etc.

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Keep your business running safely with us! Find out what is the best solution for your business and feel free to contact us!

Stay protected! Highly effective protection products such as respirators, goggles, coveralls and more! Visit our SHOP and stay safe!

Keep your employees safe! Plexiglass sneeze guards for cashiers – the best way to minimize exposure! Different sizes, easy installation.

Warning wall & floor stickers for all kinds of businesses. Different sizes and designs. More designs upon request!

Keep your business running with us! Hygiene and disinfection are very important right now. Do not expose valuable customer or your employees to the risk of contamination during cleaning and disinfection.

Leave it to the pros. We clean and disinfect all areas – be it shops, offices or even vehicles and boats – with professional equipment and detergents.

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Feel free to contact us – together we will find the best solution to keep your business running safely!