www.anticovid19.com pledges no profits on sale of medical masks to first responders during state emergency


In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to ensure access to protective gear to first responders, we have pledged to offer medical grade face masks and other protective gear to public safety partners at no profit to the company.


Team behind www.anticovid19.us is proudly supporting our community and pledges to provide the protective medical gear to first responders who are more than welcome to contact us through info@anticovid19.us


We will be supporting needs of our community and needs of first responders to the best of our abilities.  As the COVID-19 crisis has spread across the country over the past few weeks, we understand that the only way to win, is to fight together. Unless we all join forces, this fight will not be won.


We are working 24/7 to obtain masks that are in short supply and desperately needed by the ones in front lines of this battle, first responders.

Unfortunately, the reality is that we have seen a significant increase in the prices charged by manufacturers of these products across the world especially for protective gear such as medical grade masks, coveralls, googles etc.

This threatens the access our local first responders have to this equipment at a critical moment.


We will keep working timelessly to source and supply until the battle is won.

For eligibility please contact us at info@anticovid19.us


Your www.anticovid19.us team